White Sheet RFC Established 1960

White Sheet Lane (from Red Lion to the top)

Pete Cushion kindly composed the following. It is important that individual members use this to report the sad state of the lane as Wiltshire Highways do not respond to emails from the club.

Any members of the White Sheet Radio Flying Club who have visited White Sheet Down recently will be aware of the very poor state of the track and the increasingly deep channels that the winter weather has caused. It is only a matter of time before normal road vehicles will not be able to get to the top of the hill!

The track is the responsibility of Wiltshire County Council and in common with most county councils at the moment, maintenance of such Rights of Way are being given low priority.

Your Committee has ascertained that raising this topic with the council on behalf of the club will not carry any weight. We have been advised that to get any traction on this problem the best way to proceed is for individuals to report the problem to the council personally.  Weight of numbers might result in a better chance of remedial works being undertaken.

If the track becomes impassable in the future there will be no point in complaining to the club committee as they are powerless to influence the council on this matter except as individuals. This problem needs concerted action by the club members.

To report this problem on the council website only takes a few minutes and anyone can register and report this issue. It is not restricted to people who reside in Wiltshire.

Therefore, in the interest of your club and all the membership I urge you to register on the council website and then report the ‘Potholes’ located on the upper part of White Sheet Lane.

1) Firstly, access the following Wiltshire CC site –


 2) Click on the ‘My Wilts online reporting >’ icon. This will open a ‘Welcome to MyWilts’ page. On this page, click on the dropdown icon on the far right of the header line. Here you will see the prompt to Sign in/Register. When you click on this icon you will see a page that prompts you to either’ sign in, or register. Complete the registration form. If you are already registered this is also were you sign in to your account.

3) Sign into your account. You will now see the ‘Welcome to MyWilts’ page again. This time click on the ‘Report It’ icon on the header line. On the page that opens select the ‘ Roads, pavements and foothpaths’ option. This will open another list of topics. Select the option ‘Pothole’.

You will now see an interactive map. On the left-hand side of the page click on the ‘Pothole’ option. Now place your cursor on the map and locate White Sheet Lane. You will need to Zoom-in to see the lane and also to be able to click on the lane to raise the report. You will repeatedly be prompted to Zoom-in until you reach the necessary map detail. Next, click on the lane and you will be prompted to ‘Report a pothole’ at this location. Complete the Report Form.