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White Sheet Radio Flying Club (WSRFC) operates from the National Trust property, “White Sheet Hill and Down”  located in West Wiltshire, England.  

White Sheet Hill and Down, is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest and part of the Stourhead estate, renowned for its world famous landscape gardens.

Views from WhiteSheets hilltops, looking out across the beautiful English countryside are quite superb. We must not forget the hill and downs themselves from where we fly. A quintessential example of British countryside and we want to keep it this way, which is why we ask members to always leave no trace of your visit. Where possible keep to the paths. Respect all the local flora and fauna and of course, the farmers livestock often seen grazing at the site. As always, close gates after you. Simply put, ‘Follow the Country Code‘.

The topography of White Sheet hill makes for a superb slope soaring site.

There is plenty of reasonably flat ground between slopes, ideal for unhindered landings, and also those calm DLG, bungee and “electric assist” days.

Please note:

Permission for self launch model gliders at White Sheet is STRICTLY —>




Please do not abuse this permission or we could lose it.

The National Trust Prohibits the use of Drones from White Sheet Hill and Down


To find us, head 3.5 miles north from the small town of Mere on the B3092. Access is via White Sheet Lane (a single lane track) beside the disused Red Lion public house. The postcode BA12 6RP should find you close to White Sheet lane.

Members of the club predominantly enjoy flying “Silent Flight” model aircraft, generally known as gliders or sailplanes. Many enjoy constructing vintage gliders from traditional materials such as balsa, tissue and dope. Although today, tissue and dope is more likely substituted with durable materials such as polyester film.

Others fly modern sailplanes, generally built from kits using pre-moulded sections from materials such as Fibreglass, Carbon Fibre and Kevlar.

We have a broad range in flying interests, from Large Scale Replicas, Thermal Soarers, DLG, F3F, F5J and more, as you will discovered when you dig a little deeper within these pages.  No matter what your interest or level of skill, as long as it involves gliders/sailplanes, WSRFC can cater for you.

We use two main slopes on White Sheet Down, one is South Westerly and the other North Westerly through to Easterly. Landing areas are generous and friendly with very little in the way of hazards such as rocks or bushes.

The National Trust ask that all visiting pilots contact WSRFC before flying.

It is required that adequate insurance through the BMFA is obtained before flying at this site.

Please read ‘ClubRules‘ before your visit to ensure White Sheet Down remains available to us all.

If you would like to know more about what we do you can contact us via the Contact tab. Or, please feel free to venture up the hill and have a chat. Generally (on flyable days) you’ll find at least one our members there who will be more than willing to talk about who we are and what we do.

We look forward to meeting you.

WSRFC is a BMFA affiliated club.

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NE Slope:    things.nosedive.iterative

Morgans:     jets.query.ashes

Spencers Bowl :  backfired.nurse.croaking

White Sheet Radio Flying Club are proud supporters of Wiltshire Air Ambulance

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