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South Coast Sailplanes ‘Showcase day’

WEATHER CALL (posted 8.00pm 14/06/19);-

  • I am delighted to announce that with the various forecasts all showing a dry day with a15 mph SW, this event is ON.

    South Coast Sailplanes will be on the slope from around 10.00am – 4.00pm .

  • The Whitesheet RFC, & South Coast Sailplanes owner Peter Payne are looking forward to welcoming you to this unique ‘Show case’ event.

  • On June 16th the Whitesheet RFC have invited South Coast Sailplanes to our beautiful Wiltshire slopes, and will be staging a ‘South Coast Sailplanes showcase day’.
  • The day has been organized as a thank you from the Whitesheet RFC & on behalf of the UK F3f community, to South Coast Sailplanes owner peter Payne. This being for his 5 successive years of exceptional sponsorship & support of the English Open F3f event.South Coast Sailplanes are the UK distributors of ‘Glider-it’ models. For those of you unfamiliar with this name, ‘Glider-it’ was formed around a year ago & is a joining of the Italian company’s of X Models, (all X models), Voloinpendia, (Graecalis, Cobra fling wing, Vettore), & Fulcro. (bags & accessories) .
  • The day has been designed for South Coast Sailplanes to ‘showcase’ a good selection of models from the ‘Glider-it’ range. Peter will be bringing along his own personal models, putting many of these in the air during the day (conditions allowing).
  • The day will be a unique opportunity for you to come along & have a very good look at each of these models, & have a good chat with Peter about them.
  • For practical reasons models & goods will not be available for sale during the day, however should you wish to purchase a model Peter will be pleased to take all orders, Alternatively you can of course follow up on any purchases with Peter in the days after the event.
  • Here then is the list of ‘Cracking’ models that Peter is planning to bring along (subject to change).
  • Stingray, Prismaray, Bhyron, Graecalis , Swift 3.2 m, Swift 2.5 m Ventus 2 c, Excallibur, Sword 2mtr DS, Funray, Vettore.
  • For detailed information & spec of each of these models, plus the full range of other models / goods available at South Coast Sailplanes, please visit their website http://www.south-coast-sailplanes.com/
  • Of particular interest to myself is the new Vettore, this being a T tail glider from Voloinpendia designed for both Thermal & aerobatic flight.
  • Above, South Coast Sailplanes owner Peter Payne with his new Vettore, this was taken just a few days ago when hoping to maiden this gorgeous model. Frustratingly conditions weren’t quite suitable.
  • Both the Whitesheet RFC & South Coast Sailplanes look forward to welcoming you to this special South Coast Sailplanes ‘Showcase day’ .
  • The Whitesheet slopes will be open as per usual to come along & enjoy a great days flying on our beautiful slopes. 
  • Stu, Whitesheet Competition Secretary.


Here’s an advert from one of our regular fliers, Richard Williams:

Advertised on 28/5/2019

Reluctantly selling my Tanga 3m F3B full carbon glider due to little use and needing funds towards more camera gear. It has a few very minor marks but overall in excellent condition. Flies incredibly well in both really light wind/lift to big wind days. Comes with hi-tec servos and brand new 2500 mah NiMH flight pack. 4 strips of lead ballast approximately 300g each that fit in to the wing joiner. Also comes with wing bags and a holdall for it all that is actually a snow board bag but fits perfectly. Can’t post due to size but willing to meet up if required. Price is £450 ONO Please contact Richard on 07843 231790