White Sheet RFC Established 1960




Whitesheet Aug 18-19th.

Sponsored by South Coast Sailplanes.


  • The Whitesheet RFC are proud to announce that we will be staging this years English Open F3f competition over the weekend of aug 18-19th 2018.
  • We are proud of our excellent relationship with South Coast Sailplanes. Owner Peter Payne, continues to give truly excellent sponsorship & support to the event.  http://www.south-coast-sailplanes.com/
  Supporters ;-   Entry;- 
  • Entry to the event is OPEN
  • Entry closure date is 10.00pm Friday Aug 10th 2018.
  • Entries are to be sent to myself at swallacegromit@aol.com
  • please include the following;-
  • Name,
  • Frequency, 2.4 or 35 meg + frequency.
  • Models. (up to 3)
  • BMFA / insurance details.
  • As well as individually, you can also enter as a team of 3. Each winning team member receiving a trophy.
  •  Stu, Whitesheet Comp Sec.


English Open F3f 2018 entry list. 

(As on 26/07/2018)

  • Stu, Whitesheet Comp Sec.



The English Open F3f Charity Raffle 2018,

In aid of Bloodwise & Histio UK.

  • Throughout the 2 days of the event, we will be staging a charity raffle to raise very much needed funds for the charities of both Boodwise, & Histio UK. This we are doing in memory of my Son Tom (aged 26), who died from both blood cancer, & a rare blood / immune system disorder in Nov 2015 .
  • Who are Bloodwise, & Histio UK ? ;-  Bloodwise are the UK’s blood cancer charity, they fund world class research into blood cancer. Additionally, they provide emotional & practical support to patients & their loved ones & raise awareness of blood cancer. They are there for everyone effected by blood cancer, whether its Lymphoma, Leukemia, Myloma or other blood disorder.
  • Blood cancer is the 3rd biggest cancer killer in the UK, each year it claims more lives than both breast & prostate cancer.
  • Blood cancer is the 5th most common cancer in the UK with over 230,000 people living with it in the UK. 38,000 people are diagnosed each year.
  • To find out more about the very important work that Bloodwise do, please spare a few minutes of your time to visit their website https://bloodwise.org.uk/charity/about
  • Histio UK;- Histio UK are the charity for the rare immune blood disorder Histiocytosis (HLH). This is a very serious rapidly progressive blood disorder that is very difficult to both diagnose & treat.
  • Similarly, to find out about the very important work that is done by Histio UK, here is the link to their website http://www.histiouk.org/

TOM. (26)

Raffle prizes ;- The following is a list of those who have very generously & kindly donated prizes. 
  • Steve Webb models / servo shop https://www.stevewebb.co.uk/     https://www.servoshop.co.uk / have donated a £25.00 gift voucher redeemable in store or on line.
  • Graeme Buckingham https://www.bucks-composites.com/ A selection of goods from his excellent range of products.
  • Austin, owner of Ace Models https://www.acemodel.co.uk/  & of course BARCS forum Administrator. Austin has donated a voucher for a wiring harness for a NAN model OR Custom wiring harness for any model up to 4m span. harness details here ;- https://www.acemodel.co.uk/wiring-harnesses/   
  •  BARCS  are donating 5 prizes, each being a years memberships to BARCS .https://www.barcs.co.uk/   
  • The Great Britain Slope Racing Association (GBSRA ) http://www.gbsra.co.uk/ are donating membership to the GBSRA (+ to be announced) 
  • The Whitesheet RFC are donating the ‘cracking’ prize of an Ahi aerobatic glider , details of this model are here ;- https://dream-flight.com/products/ahi-kit . The Ahi continues to receive rave reviews across the world, it needs no introduction or words from myself.
  Sincerest thanks ;
  • Thank you all those named above for your kind & generous support of the English Open F3f comp & raffle. Your donations ‘will make a difference’ in the fight against all types of blood cancer & Histiocytosis.. Additionally your donations will help improve the lives of those suffering from these serious & very cruel illnesses.My family, Gill, myself & our sons Ben & Sam, wish to publicly give our very sincerest thanks.
  • Note;- If you too would like to similarly support the event, I would be very pleased to hear from you. Please contact myself at swallacegromit@aol.com thank you.
  • Here are a couple of  my favourite Ahi videos ;- 
  • Pierre Rondell enjoying the Ahi 
  • Note;- If you too would like to similarly support the event, I would be very pleased to hear from you. Please contact myself at swallacegromit@aol.com thank you.
  • Stu, Whitesheet Comp Sec.


The English Open F3f 2017 .

Winner John Philips. 2nd Tony Livingstone. 3rd Mark Treble.

Team Winners ;- Tea Swillers. pilots ;- John Philips, Erik Heijne, Mark Passingham.


Above – Winner John Philips is presented with the English Open ‘Free Flying Eagle’ winners trophie, by event Sponsor Peter Payne, owner of South Coast Sailplanes. (photo courtesy of Mike Shellim)

Above- Runner-up Tony Livingstone is presented with the English Open runners up ‘Free Flying Eagle’ trophie by Peter Payne. (Photo courtesy of Mike Shellim)

Above- Mark Treble is presented with the English Open 3rd place trophie by Peter.(Photo courtesy Mike Shellim)


Above-  Winning Team ‘Tea Swillers’. Pilots -John Philips, Mark Passingham, Erik Heijne. (Photo courtesy of Mike Shellim) 

  • Above. 2017 Pilot Group Photo.
  • Video;- Courtesy of our Club Chairman Chris Lamming ;-      

(Below) Winner John Philips was on top form throughout the 2 days of the competition.


  • Above ;- JP’s ‘Cracking’ haul of prizes;- English Open ‘Free Flying Eagle’ winners trophie, 1st prize of an X Models ‘Pushy cat’. both  sponsored & donated by South Coast Sailplanes owner Peter Payne.
  • Plus Framed English Open winners & Team winners certificates. (designed & created by WRFC Chairman Chris Lamming). Silver cup for posting the ‘Fastest time’ of the competition with a 43.14       
  • Here is the link to my BARCS comp report ;-   Comp report
  • Photo’s ;- 
  • Here is the link to my own photo’s from the event ;– https://www.flickr.com/photos/53568953@N02/albums/72157686356013234
  • Mike Shellim,  reports & photo’s  
  • Mike has very kindly given me his permission to include a link to his excellent Rc Soar.com website. Mike has competed in all English Open competitions, he has written his own reports & taken a ‘cracking’ set of photo’s at each event. These are viewable by following the links.
  • excellent F3f pilot, Mike is very well known for his ‘Cracking’ photography skills.  Thank you very much Mike
  • Here then is the link to Mikes report & photo’s of the 2017 event  http://rc-soar.com/gallery/2017/engopen/index.php


The English Open 2016.

  • Sadly, the event was not staged during this year. .


The English Open 2015. 

Winner Mike Evans. 2nd Graeme Mahoney. 3rd Martin Drewett.

Team Winners ‘Gifcof’. Pilots Graeme Mahoney, Tony Livingstone. Martin Drewett.


Above, left to right ;- Runner up Graeme Mahoney, Winner Mike Evans, 3rd Martin Drewett.

  • Sponsor, South Coast owner Peter Payne was sadly unable to attend, I therefore presented Mike with the English Open winners trophie, & the ‘Cracking’ first prize donated by Peter of an X models 1.9 DS. 
  • Here is the link to my Barcs comp report ;-    Comp report


The English Open 2014. 

Winner Mike Evans, 2nd Mark Treble, 3rd Tony Livingstone.

  • Above left to right, South Coast Sailplanes owner Peter Payne, 2nd place Mark Treble, Winner Mike Evans, 3rd Tony Livingstone, Sloperacer owner Tony Fu.


The event was not staged between 2008-2014


The English Open 2008.

Winner Mark Redsell, 2nd Keith Wood, 3rd Graham Reed.


The English Open 2007.

Winner Kevin Newton, 2nd John Philips, 3rd John Bennet.


The English Open 2006. 

Winner Mike Shellim, 2nd John Bennet, 3rd John Philips.


The English Open 2005.

Winner Mike Evans, 2nd Mark Southall, 3rd John Bennet.


The English Open 2004.

Winner, Kevin Newton, 2nd Simon Hall, 3rd John McCurdy.


The English Open 2003.

Winner Ken Woodhouse, 2nd Andy Ellison, 3rd, Johb McCurdy. 


  • I plan to add more information & photos for each year creating a history of the English Open F3f event. Be sure to visit again soon. 
  • Stu, Whitesheet Competition Secretary. 


Southern Winter League F3f round 1.  29/10/17.

  • The Southern Winter League of “17/18 got off to a ‘Cracking’ start on Sund Oct 29th, with a trip to The Long Man’ Nr Eastbourne West Sussex.
  • Ten pilots arrived eagerly early ahead of the meet time, all offering helping hands both to myself & Pete Burgess, to help carry all the comp gear up the hill. The walk up is a steady incline all the way to the top, taking around 30 minutes I guess. The beautiful views across the Sussex countryside, certainly help you forget the pain of your aching legs.
  • On arriving at the top, we set up the course directly over the top of The Long Man’ figure. The wind started the day being a steady 15 mph N -NNW , this built to a max of 25 mph. This steady breeze blew consistently throughout the day, no turbulent gusts or lulls & only a few thermals came through. This made for very similar flying conditions for each pilot in each round, perfect.  Cloudy skies steadily cleared during the morning to give way to blue skies & sunshine, it was a beautiful late October day.
  • With conditions such as they were, & 10 pilots competing we flew a ‘crow through’, thus enabling 2 rounds per flight. This we did so as to maximise the number of rounds flown, & to avoid a continuous rush in every round for everyone to fly, then land as quickly as possible & then get to a base to buzz as quickly as possible so as to avoid holding up the comp.
  • With conditions being so very consistent throughout the day, no one pilot had the advantage of flying their 2 rds in ‘very good air’.  The crow through & 2 rds per flight proved to be a very good decision, all pilots giving very positive feedback on this both throughout the day, & again after the comp. This decision enabled us to fly a total of 16 rds.

  • Fastest time of the day;-  Graeme Mahoney 36.66 (rd 14)
  • Spreadsheet available at GBSRA ;-  http://www.gbsra.co.uk/league-result-sheets
  • Stu, Whitesheet Competition Secretary.

 Southern Winter league F3f round 2. 26/11/17.

  • Round 2 of the Southern Winter Lg was very successfully staged on the Whitesheet RFC slopes on Sund Nov 26th.
  • On arriving at the slope 13 pilots were greeted onto our slopes with bright sunshine, blue skies and a very chilly WNW breeze, it was a ‘Cracking’ November morning.
  • With the course erected, models assembled, & pilots briefing held, racing got underway just before 10.00am.
  • Conditions were variable throughout the day, the early bright sunshine was replaced by cloud cover, the WNW breeze ranged from 4-7 M/s. The breeze fell away below the legal limit causing a slightly early end to racing at around 3.00pm.
  • It was a days racing requiring accurate flying to get the most out of the air. The few thermals that came through were very weak affairs. Winning round times were in the high 40’s to low 50’s

  • Fastest time of the day, Martin Drewett 46.17. (rd 5).
  • Spreadsheet available at GBSRA ;- http://www.gbsra.co.uk/league-result-sheets
  • Stu. Whitesheet Competition Secretary.

Southern Winter League rounds 3 & 4 comp dates ;

  • Southern Winter League round 3  Sunday January 28th 2018.      Cancelled .
  • Southern Winter League round 4, Sunday February 25th 2018.    Cancelled.
  • Reserve date of March 11th for these two comps.                               Cancelled.
  • Stu, Whitesheet Competition Secretary.

Southern Winter League F3f result. (2 contests counting.)

  • With the Southern winter league now completed, the tables are available to view on the GBSRA (Great Britain Slope Racing Association) website ;-  http://www.gbsra.co.uk/winter-league-2017-18
  • The following 5 pilots have qualified for the 2 day Champion of Champions F3f competition. This takes place at the Bwlch in South Wales 7-8th April.
  1. Mike Shellim
  2. Tony Livingstone.
  3. Ian Falconer.
  4. Stuart Wallace.
  5. Graeme Mahoney.
  •     Stu, Whitesheet Comp Sec.