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BMFA Gala 2019 – July 22

Here is a note from Dave Smith, who is on the BMFA Southern Area Committee:

The Southern Area Gala will take place at Middle Wallop airfield on Sunday 14 July (see flyer). All BMFA members and their families are welcome. Please pass this around your club members.

Hopefully the weather will be kind to us and we look forward to seeing a good many of you on the day.

Best wishes,

David Smith (on behalf of the BMFA Southern Area Committee)

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South Coast Sailplanes ‘Showcase day’

WEATHER CALL (posted 8.00pm 14/06/19);-

  • I am delighted to announce that with the various forecasts all showing a dry day with a15 mph SW, this event is ON.

    South Coast Sailplanes will be on the slope from around 10.00am – 4.00pm .

  • The Whitesheet RFC, & South Coast Sailplanes owner Peter Payne are looking forward to welcoming you to this unique ‘Show case’ event.

  • On June 16th the Whitesheet RFC have invited South Coast Sailplanes to our beautiful Wiltshire slopes, and will be staging a ‘South Coast Sailplanes showcase day’.
  • The day has been organized as a thank you from the Whitesheet RFC & on behalf of the UK F3f community, to South Coast Sailplanes owner peter Payne. This being for his 5 successive years of exceptional sponsorship & support of the English Open F3f event.South Coast Sailplanes are the UK distributors of ‘Glider-it’ models. For those of you unfamiliar with this name, ‘Glider-it’ was formed around a year ago & is a joining of the Italian company’s of X Models, (all X models), Voloinpendia, (Graecalis, Cobra fling wing, Vettore), & Fulcro. (bags & accessories) .
  • The day has been designed for South Coast Sailplanes to ‘showcase’ a good selection of models from the ‘Glider-it’ range. Peter will be bringing along his own personal models, putting many of these in the air during the day (conditions allowing).
  • The day will be a unique opportunity for you to come along & have a very good look at each of these models, & have a good chat with Peter about them.
  • For practical reasons models & goods will not be available for sale during the day, however should you wish to purchase a model Peter will be pleased to take all orders, Alternatively you can of course follow up on any purchases with Peter in the days after the event.
  • Here then is the list of ‘Cracking’ models that Peter is planning to bring along (subject to change).
  • Stingray, Prismaray, Bhyron, Graecalis , Swift 3.2 m, Swift 2.5 m Ventus 2 c, Excallibur, Sword 2mtr DS, Funray, Vettore.
  • For detailed information & spec of each of these models, plus the full range of other models / goods available at South Coast Sailplanes, please visit their website http://www.south-coast-sailplanes.com/
  • Of particular interest to myself is the new Vettore, this being a T tail glider from Voloinpendia designed for both Thermal & aerobatic flight.
  • Above, South Coast Sailplanes owner Peter Payne with his new Vettore, this was taken just a few days ago when hoping to maiden this gorgeous model. Frustratingly conditions weren’t quite suitable.
  • Both the Whitesheet RFC & South Coast Sailplanes look forward to welcoming you to this special South Coast Sailplanes ‘Showcase day’ .
  • The Whitesheet slopes will be open as per usual to come along & enjoy a great days flying on our beautiful slopes. 
  • Stu, Whitesheet Competition Secretary.


Here’s an advert from one of our regular fliers, Richard Williams:

Advertised on 28/5/2019

Reluctantly selling my Tanga 3m F3B full carbon glider due to little use and needing funds towards more camera gear. It has a few very minor marks but overall in excellent condition. Flies incredibly well in both really light wind/lift to big wind days. Comes with hi-tec servos and brand new 2500 mah NiMH flight pack. 4 strips of lead ballast approximately 300g each that fit in to the wing joiner. Also comes with wing bags and a holdall for it all that is actually a snow board bag but fits perfectly. Can’t post due to size but willing to meet up if required. Price is £450 ONO Please contact Richard on 07843 231790

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Correction on the advertised dates for F3f and Scale in March, 2019

Minor correction to March Dates

Please note that the dates for the first scale event of 2019 and the March backup F3f date have been ammended and are not as advertised on the club events poster that has been sent out.

Please check the dates on the calendar and F3f pages, before setting out for Whitesheet

The correct, revised dates are

March 10th – Winter league F3f

March 17th – Scale fly in

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Photos from the September Open Slopes

A fine finale for the Open Slopes Season

Nearly thirty pilots turned up for the last Open Slopes event of 2018

What better use of the mound on top of Whitesheet’s SW bowl

Once again we got very lucky with the weather, though the conditions at times were quite light, but a great day of flying and larks was had by all

See you for more next year!

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TVSF Day Out – September 2018

The Thames Valley Silent Flyers Association are organising one of their get-togethers, Thursday September 6

Here is a note from Graham Stallard, Chairman of TVSF

Finally the weather appears to be co-operating. I have left calling this on until closer to the time to save calling it off. The venue will be confirmed on Tuesday/Wednesday. However the forecast is NNE to NE so the probable venue is Watership Down NE bowl.

Attached is an updated brief (click here!) on location and directions.

Look forward to flying with you Thursday. Looks like a cracker so for.

Best Regards,

Graham Stallard.

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Photos from the English Open

Photos from the English Open Last Weekend

Photos below from the English Open F3f event last week – full report to follow! Photos by Mike Shellim and Chris Lamming Link to full set of Mike’s shots here, with a report of the event here

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Training Post For Formatting

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This is visual text – I don’t know what I’m really going to get.

Second paragraph that is really quite long and boring. Second paragraph that is really quite long and boring. Second paragraph that is really quite long and boring. Second paragraph that is really quite long and boring. Second paragraph that is really quite long and boring.

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July Scale Day A Great Success!

Finally a Scale Day ran this year in fine weather – here are a few pictures from the event!

Photos – Alan Brocklehurst, Geoff Crewe, Chris Williams and Chris Lamming


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