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30/5/16: For Sale Advert #1

Items for sale.

Multiplex Cockpit SX transmitter. This is dual 35Mcs and 2.4Gh as it has the Multiplex ‘add on’ 2.4Gh unit and also the additional Telemetry screen. All is in working order. All user manuals are included. £110

Mulitplex Cockpit

Mulitplex Cockpit

Multiplex ‘Cularis’ powered glider. 2.61M span. Rudder, elevator, ailerons, flaps and motor control. Servos, batteries and a Multiplex 35Mcs 7 channel synth receiver are included. A unique feature is the simple plugin wing attachments with integral electrical connections making for quick and simple rigging for flight. The build manual is included.This machine has been repaired following some damage and is ready for flight subject to check. Hence only £90




120inch Algebra Glider. This old, but high performance machine features, rudder, elevator, ailerons and flaps. Servos, battery and a 35Mcs receiver are included ready to fly. £50



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