White Sheet RFC Established 1960

Welcome to the Whitesheet Radio Flying Club

White Sheet Radio Flying Club (WSRFC) operates from White Sheet Down, a slope soaring site near the small town of Mere on the A303 in West Wiltshire, England. Members of the club enjoy constructing and flying “Silent Flight” model aircraft, more generally known as gliders. We have a broad range of interest from thermal soaring to flying scale replicas.

All skill levels are accommodated. WSRFC is affiliated to the British Model Flying Association (BMFA). No matter what your interest, as long as it involves flying a glider off a slope we think White Sheet RFC will cater for you.

Maybe you are not a modeller but want to know more about our hobby. Just come along to the slopes and have a chat, we will be more than pleased to talk to you.

We use two slopes on Whitesheet Hill, one South Westerly and one North Westerly through to Easterly. The landing areas are huge with no rocks or bushes in the way!

The area of Whitesheet Down that we use is a National Trust property and adequate insurance is mandatory. The National Trust ask that all visiting flyers contact the Club before flying. We ask that you read the ‘Club Rules’ before your visit to ensure this site remains available to us.

The White Sheet RFC provides This site as a Service to it’s members, visiting flyers and the general public who may be interested in our sport. We make every effort to provide accurate and up to date information. The committee, members and web site maintainer cannot take any responsibility for errors or omissions of any kind.

Recent News

Winter League F3f

WSRFC organise (Stuart Wallace) a winter season of F3f competitions.
  • These comps do involve a fair amount of hooning around at high speed, with resultant requirement of safety precautions.
  • The White Sheet is used if the wind direction is good and so we advise fliers that the slope will be closed to general flying on the following dates.
  • October 29th
  • November 26th
  • January 28th – yes nearly 2018 already!
  • February 25th
  • Please have a look at Stu’s posts under F3f on dates and venues.
  • We will try and update the interweb if the comp is on, and at which venue.
  • OPEN SLOPES 2018 news from Chris Lamming coming soon ……
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    WS Scale Fly In

    SSW and a side order of rain…not the forecast I had hoped for, but He Who Dares, Flies. The White Sheet Scale Fly In is ON, but bring wellies and a sou’wester…

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    Scale Fly In Sept 17

    Forecast consensus: close, but no coconut… Tomorrow’s event is therefore off. One more roll of the dice, then, for the backup date Oct 1st

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    September Meeting Date Change

    Hello All, We have had to reschedule the September meeting date from the 13th to the 20th due to other commitments. Venue at Maiden Bradley. David

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    Weather call for tomorrow’s Open Slopes Event

    Weather call – it’s ON

    Apologies, not quite noon, but near enough for jazz. Weather tomorrow looks pretty good – we might get a spot of the wet stuff in the afternoon, but perfectly flyable in the morning with a good SW breeze. Hopefully see you there – I’ll be the one in the tent, on bacon butty duty. Please note we are NOT on the flat field – we are up the slope!

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    Open Slopes Event 5/5 : Sunday September 10th

    Plan change – Now a Slope Event up the hill

    Due to the wind conditions and possibility of rain in the afternoon, this Sunday’s event has now changed to a slopeside event, either at Morgans or in the SW bowl of Whitesheet. A weather call will still be made around noon on Saturday, which will be mailed out, posted on barcs and put on the website here, but right now it looks like it will be a good day for the hill, if not for the original plan on the flat. I’m making this call early as this will give those who were kindly preparing food to bring a chance to change plans. I will be taking my camp stove up to Whitesheet as I did for the English Open, and will be supplying bacon rolls and tea/coffee.

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    Three Way Day Out

    The second of this years Three Way Day Out will be held at Whitesheet hill tomorrow. The plan is to start at 10:00 fly all day and dodge the rain and then go to the White Lyon for a meal. All our members are welcome to join in, last year I had a good time on the slope and at the meal.

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    Fantastic day at Whitesheet for the July Open Slopes Event

    Perfect weather and a great turn out for the third Open Slopes Event of 2017

    More info to come, but for now, here are the photos.

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    Open Slopes Event Tomorrow! Sunday July 9th

    Tomorrow’s Open Slopes Event is ON!

    The weather looks light tomorrow with gentle winds from the SW

    All welcome to come along and fly at Whitesheet. There will likely be some of us with bungees, dlgs and electric assisted models.

    As usual, tea, coffee and doughnuts will be provided, free of charge!

    Hopefully see you there

    Last month’s fly-in

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    Open Slopes ’17 Event 3 of 5

    Fly-in Event This Weekend (July 9th 2017)

    Please come along to Whitesheet hill this Sunday and have a fly with like-minded pilots at the first of the 2017 social fly-ins.

    All are welcome!

    A weather call will be made on Saturday around noon, with the decision being posted both here and on BARCS: www.barcs.co.ukThe club has recently altered its rules with respect to power assist models – this means that only a gale or rain will prevent us from flying – just remember to pack an electric assisted model (motors are now permissible for altitude gain at the hill).

    Please note that these events are taking the place this year from our usual competitions – the idea is just to get people together to enjoy the beautiful site.

    The club and the hill looks forward to seeing you!


    Chris Lamming

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    Scale Fly-In

    Tomorrow’s scale fly-in is ON, with a WNW wind forecast. Please give the scale machines reasonable priority if you plan to fly

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    Photos from the Scale Day On May 4th

    Scale day at Whitesheet draws large numbers

    Despite the threat of rain, there was finally a chance for the Scale fly-in to run on May 4th.

    Here are a few of the pictures

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    Concorde flies at Whitesheet!

    Pete Evans’ Concorde takes to the skies

    Proving that it takes all sorts at Whitesheet and following on from the success of the Princess flight at the May Open Slopes event, Pete Evans’ brought a Concorde of all things to the Scale Event that ran last week. Here are a few snaps of it on launch

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    Open Slopes June 11th Event

    Great day’s flying with top people

    Thanks to all for turning out to another good event today, coinciding with near-perfect weather at Whitesheet, for haring around the skies. Next event July 9th.

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    Second Social Fly-in of 2017, this Sunday. Event is ON!

    Fly-in Event This Weekend (June 11th 2017)

    Please come along to Whitesheet hill this Sunday and have a fly with like-minded pilots at the second of the 2017 social fly-ins.

    All are welcome!

    The weather is set to be fine with a good breeze into the SW bowl – the event is therefore ON!

    Once again, the club and the hill look forward to seeing you!


    Chris Lamming

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    At last, a half decent forecast… The scale fly-in is ON for tomorrow (Sunday 4th)

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    Blackdown RCFC Fly-in 2017 Smeathorpe Airfield (EX14 9RQ) 3rd & 4th June All experience welcome (BMFA and or LMA insued) Free camping available from the evening of Friday 2nd – Sunday 4th.   Upottery Airfield halfway between Honiton and Taunton about 4 miles NW of the junction of A30 &A303 The access point is at the south west corner of the airfield adjacent to the car speedway banger track. Contact 01823 619039 / 07588302334 Email events@blackdownrcfc.co.uk  

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    WS Scale Fly-In

    With winds forecast as due south, going SE later, it was close, but no coconut…Attention now moves to the backup date 4th June 🙁

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    Weather call for Open Slopes ’17, May 14

    Weather call

    As I will be busy all day tomorrow (Frome Chess Congress if anyone wants to come and spectate 😉 )  where I won’t have access to the internet, I have decided to make the weather call for Sunday now. Crazy talk.

    It’s ON!

    The weather looks suitably good for a jolly nice day’s flying at Whitesheet, with a gentle to moderate SW breeze forecast. Some wet stuff may make an appearance later in the afternoon, but I wouldn’t be too concerned about this if you would like to come along and have a fly.

    Fingers crossed for a good inaugural event!



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    Open Slopes ’17

    Fly-in Event This Weekend (May 14th 2017)

    Please come along to Whitesheet hill this Sunday and have a fly with like-minded pilots at the first of the 2017 social fly-ins.

    All are welcome!

    A weather call will be made on Saturday around noon, with the decision being posted both here and on BARCS: www.barcs.co.ukThe club has recently altered its rules with respect to power assist models – this means that only a gale or rain will prevent us from flying – just remember to pack an electric assisted model (motors are now permissible for altitude gain at the hill).

    Please note that these events are taking the place this year from our usual competitions – the idea is just to get people together to enjoy the beautiful site.

    The club and the hill looks forward to seeing you!


    Chris Lamming

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    WS Scale Fly In

    Due to inclement forecast, the scale fly in has been cancelled

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    Scale Fly In

    So, winds gusting 26mph from an uncertain direction, with a side order of showers. I think we will give this one a miss and roll the dice one more time. Event cancelled, backup date 30th April now under the microscope…

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    Three Way Day Out

    As you may know Thames Valley Soaring Association have for many years arranged a slope day out at least once a year This is dependant on the wind direction on the day so a number slopes for all wind directions have to be arranged. To make the most of all this organising we have been invited to join them and Meon Valley SA on their day out. It is a full day and a meal is organised for the evening. The days chosen this year are 27 April and 7 September. The slopes are, clockwise from South, Knap Hill, White Sheet, Westbury, Watership Down, Mercury and Martinsell. The selected direction will be posted the day before on the TVSF web site (see www.tvsf.co.uk) and on ours. This is a general invitation to all members just keep in touch for the final location. THE MEETING WILL NOT TAKE PLACE DUE TO THE WEATHER FORCAST FOR TOMMOROW There is another meeting planned for September 7th look out for notification here closer to the date.

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    Blackdown Swapmeet 2017

      Blackdown RCFC would like to invite you to the Swapmeet event held at Throgmorton Community Hall, Culme Way, Highfield Road, Dunkeswell, EX14 4JP situated in the Blackdown Hills approximately halfway between Honiton and Wellington. (Highfield Road is a turning off the road from Dunkeswell to Honiton, about 1 1/2 miles south of the centre of Dunkeswell village. Follow Highfield Road around to the left and then turn left into Culme Way.) The event will consist of:-  All model aircraft related items  Table top sale of models ( No table charges)  Tea, Coffee, Bacon Rolls etc   Swapmeet:10.00am-1:00pm Saturday 4th March 2017 Blackdown Radio Control Flying Club Please contact Howard Monks and/or Kyle Millett for more information. SAT NAV’s enter EX14 4JP for the venue. Phone: 01823 257023 (Howard) 01823 619039 (Kyle) Email: h_monks@sky.com events@blackdownrcfc.co.uk

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    Key Outcomes of the 2016 Whitesheet Radio Flying Club AGM

    Dear All,

    Many thanks to those of you who attended the meeting last Saturday. Turnout was excellent and the meeting went very well with contributions from everyone, which was great.

    Thanks also to all of you who sent apologies – 21 in total – it made a big difference to know who was not coming and how you wished to vote on the electric assist rule change.

    The meeting seemed to run well in the Dolphin pub and an afternoon slot seemed to suit a good number of people. I am sure we will be using this venue again next year.

    Below is a summary of the key points that came up in the meeting. The full minutes will be written and circulated as soon as possible.

    I hope you all have an excellent winter with flying and or building – 2017 promises to be a good year for WSRFC – I look forward to seeing you sometime up the hill.

    best regards, Chris


    Rule Book Changes

    The new club rules and associated version of the club handbook were discussed and the matter of accepting the new proposal, to allow electric assisted flight, was voted on. The motion to accept the new handbook and rules was carried, with a unanimous vote for at the meeting, plus 21 further votes for and 1 vote against by proxy .

    This change has immediate effect and is simply a continuation, in permanent form, of the trial that has been running for many years.

    Please be extremely considerate and conscious of the fact that electric-assisted flying is permissible for height gain only and in general terms for the allowance of soaring when the lift is very light or when it is not on the slopes. What we as a club must avoid, is giving the impression to visitors and other non-members that e-flight in general is allowed at Whitesheet – which it is not.

    The club committee (and also the club membership) will continue to monitor the use of e-soaring in 2017 and the matter will be reviewed again at the 2017 AGM. Minor tweaks or rule changes can then be made if necessary.

    I very much hope that the changes will allow more soaring to take place at Whitesheet, more of the time. I also hope that these changes will encourage greater membership and better participation in future events at the hill, as our flyers will be encouraged to make the journey and meet up, knowing that the weather conditions have a lower impact on whether or not they will get some flying in.

    Let’s all make the most of this opportunity in 2017.

    Please note the new handbook which is now in effect is available to download here: http://whitesheet.org.uk/club-rules-constitution/

    Club Funds

    The club remains in a healthy state, financially. On the 7th November, the closing balance of the main club account stood at £5346.21. The balance of the road funds account stood at £392.87.

    It was agreed that in order to simplify the accounting burden on the Treasurer, the funds in the road repair account will be transferred to the main account. The road fund account can then be closed.

    The fund in the road repair account will however be ring-fenced in the club accounting documentation, to reflect that the source of this money was from donations specifically for the repair of the road. Should road repairs be funded by the club in future, this money will remain available for this purpose.

    The club had made more effort in 2016 to spend the money it received from subscriptions. This had taken the form of gratuities for land owners, stickers and posters for members and prizes for the competitions. Ignoring BMFA fees (which come in and go out of the accounts in equal measure) the club expenditure was £824.95 against an income from membership fees of £860.

    Some of the expenditure in 2016 (sticker materials, vagabond prize for example) will roll over to 2017 and these costs will not reoccur next year. The committee will continue to think of ways of using the club funds to benefit the membership in 2017. Anyone with good ideas are encouraged to get in touch.

    With the aim of avoiding further excess accrual of funds in the club account, it was generally agreed that the club was spending at around the right level, along with setting appropriate fees for the membership.


    The following committee was proposed and voted for at the AGM:

    • Chairman – Chris Lamming (I’m afraid you are stuck with me for another year!)
    • Vice chair – David Bradfield
    • Secretary – Julian Yelliah
    • Treasurer – Ian Duff
    • Membership Secretary – Den Larking
    • Competition  Secretary – Stuart Wallace
    • Scale Secretary – Chris Williams
    • Additional Committee Member – Jess Nichols

    Membership Fees and BMFA Renewal

    The present fee rate of £10 for adult members and £0 for juniors was proposed and accepted. This will remain the fee rate for the forthcoming year.

    If you are intending on renewing your BMFA membership through the club (which is encouraged), please could you forward your membership fee and BMFA fee to Ian as soon as possible, preferably before the end of December. This makes the job of processing the membership applications with the BMFA much easier, in terms of the group-order/bulk purchase of membership. Please see the join page for Ian’s details:


    Note that the BMFA have just announced that there are no changes to the renewal rates in 2017, see here for details:


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    Winter League F3f

    Southern Winter League F3f

    Please see the new ‘F3f’ page for details of the forthcoming Southern Winter League F3f events.

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    AGM Reminder

    AGM Reminder

    The 2016 WSRFC AGM is being held this coming Saturday, November 12th at the Dolphin Public House in Gillingham. The meeting will start around 230pm. The Dolphin Peasemarsh Gillingham SP8 4HB 01747822758 All attending will be entitled to a free drink and food will be provided. So far I have received 5 apologies with proxy votes in the proposed vote on the handbook changes. Please make every effort to attend this important meeting or instead register your vote on the handbook changes. Please email your vote to me using… cpglamming*at*googlemail.com. Or call me on 07833 680723 if you prefer. If you wish to remind yourself of the wording proposed for the changes, the new version of the handbook can be downloaded here: http://whitesheet.org.uk/proposed-new-whitesheet-radio-flying-club-handbook-rules-2017/ For the AGM to be quorate we require 15% of the membership to turn up – please do your best to be there.

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    WS Scale Fly In

    The scale fly-in for tomorrow, Sunday 4th Sept, is ON!

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    Combined Club Awayday Thursday 8 September

    Twice a year Thames Valley Silent Flyers organise a day out this year they are combining with Meon Valley and ourselves. All members of the club will be welcome but parking may be a problem so if attending if possible combine travelling.   The venue is to be Whitesheet Hill as the wind has been swinging to the south west.  Start time is 10:00 and there is an invitation to the Hunters Lodge for anyone who wants to go. After a hard days flying the guys tell me that they peel off around five pm.

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    Proposed new Whitesheet Radio Flying Club Handbook and Rules – 2017

    Download the new handbook and come to the AGM on November 12, 2016

    Read the handbook!

    To download the proposed 2017 Handbook, please clink the link below and save to your computer.


    Your vote counts!

    Acceptance of the new rules and handbook will be covered as the first item in the 2016 AGM – please make every attempt to attend or submit your vote by proxy. Details on how to vote by proxy will be sent to all WSRFC members by email.

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    21/07/2016: AGM and Rule Book Changes

    Proposed Rule book changes on Electric Assisted Flying

    You may be aware that the club has been working on negotiating with the National Trust on new rules for electric assist (for climb-out) at Whitesheet Downs. The committee will soon be issuing the final draft of the proposed changes to the handbook, that will outline what these rule changes mean and how it will effect the way the hill is used.

    In essence, we now have full support from both the National Trust and the BMFA to make a permanent change to our club rules, that will allow electric power for the purpose of height gain only. This has been possible on an on-going trial basis since 2009 and it is now time for the club to choose whether to incorporate the change to our handbook or to stop the trial and all electric flight from this year’s AGM onwards.

    I am presently working on the final draft of the handbook and hope to send it out well in advance of the AGM in November. Full details of the AGM will also be issued in the same notice and you will be invited to express your views on the changes. Expect something similar to last year’s AGM, with an afternoon or early evening start, with a free drink and food provided.

    For those not able to attend the AGM, which is now likely to be held on Saturday November 26th, there will be an opportunity to vote by proxy on this important change. Additionally, all members not attending the AGM will have the opportunity to make a statement, for or against the change, prior to the vote and there will be an organised discussion on the matter before we finally decide.

    Please make every effort to attend the meeting (full details to follow) and to take part in the vote.

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    21/07/2016: Competition this Sunday – July 24th

    Competition: This Sunday (July 24th)

    This Sunday will see a scheduled competition at Whitesheet. I have heard from Joe that the weather is due to be ok (perhaps not as hot as earlier this week) and good for flying. He has asked me to invite you all along as always and to note that there may be a change to the scheduled competition (Slalom) to the postponed event – Nominated Manoeuvres.

    Please arrive at the hill around 1000am for an 1100am start

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    4/7/16: Who on Earth is David Bradfield?!

    WSRFC Vice Chairman shares a bit about himself

    Following various attempts at rubber-powered free-flight and chuck-gliders at an early age, I evolved to control-line at around 10 with a KK firebird and E.D. 246, prior to learning to fly RC at Ivinghoe with the inevitable Veron Impala at around age 12. This was using the MacGregor Digimac IV (ed:a what?!).

    Various airframes followed, with the usual phases, algebras and an Alpina. I had a stint with the Hemel Hempstead MFC on power and also spent some time flying various Laser powered models with the Laser team (Neil Tidy) including a twin mosquito which was great fun! Have flown with the LMA and also put floats on an Acro-Wot.

    My preference has always been for slope-soaring and it is a pleasure to be a member of WSRFC and fly at such a fabulous site.

    My son, Jamie, is also a member and he improves each time we fly, having gone solo on power at Frome MFC site and working up to do the same at White Sheet.

    The things that stick in your mind?

    Ah, camaraderie, the smell of dope drying, balsa cement, fingers stuck together with cyano, the smell of castor oil from a four stroke, the nerves on the first flight of a new model, climbing trees to correct a bad landing, the dustbin bag of bits, the THWACK as they go in.


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    4/7/16 July Fly In a Great Success!

    Scale fly-in photos from Sunday

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    2/7/16: Scale meet at Whitesheet on Sunday 3rd of July is ON

    Scale Fly in, Sunday July 3rd

    From our Scale secretary, here is an update about tomorrow’s meet:

    So, we have a light but predominantly SW wind, XC says dry, the teatime BBC weather forecast says the rain and drizzle should only give us a glancing blow…The White Sheet Scale Fly in is…ON! (Make sure you pack a floater if you have one.) Electric assist is permitted, but no E-hooners or hotliners!!!!

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    16/6/16: A cautious note from a member…

    Beware the bovine at Whitesheet Downs!


    A man slope soaring a bull yesterday

    A man slope soaring a bull yesterday

     Went down to Whitesheet today to be confronted by the bull, full on snorting, slavering and raking the ground, thankfully he started before I went through the gate and he reminded me how nice it is flying roundway at this time of year.  I know he’s normally ok but there is now another one on the other side of the track and they seem to be winding each other up. Maybe its worth letting people know.  I’ve always wondered what the deal is with him, I thought if the land is used by the public only bulls under 10 months were allowed.
    Rich Bull     yeah I know, hilarious  : )

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    10/6/16 – Elton John to Fly at Longleat and White Sheet!

    Actually not a soarer, but he does have a concert at Longleat over the weekend which will probably mean an increase in Traffic.  Particularly, some of the area is being used for Park and Ride for the event, one that springs to mind being the Frome Showfield at West Woodlands located on the B3092 between Frome and Maiden Bradley.  Check traffic reports on inter web if unsure.  Bradders

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    8/6/16: Training at Rib’s place

    This is some text for a training post!
    WSRFC Logo Old Version

    WSRFC Logo Old Version

    bold text – link to barcs

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    04/06/2016: Ammendment to the monthly meeting schedule

    Hello Whitesheeters, Please note that this month’s meeting (usually held in the Red Lion) is not running, as the committee are convening around a computer somewhere to learn all about the new website. The meeting in the Red Lion will return as usual, in July. best wishes, Chris

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    30/5/16: For Sale Advert #1

    Items for sale.

    Multiplex Cockpit SX transmitter. This is dual 35Mcs and 2.4Gh as it has the Multiplex ‘add on’ 2.4Gh unit and also the additional Telemetry screen. All is in working order. All user manuals are included. £110

    Mulitplex Cockpit

    Mulitplex Cockpit

    Multiplex ‘Cularis’ powered glider. 2.61M span. Rudder, elevator, ailerons, flaps and motor control. Servos, batteries and a Multiplex 35Mcs 7 channel synth receiver are included. A unique feature is the simple plugin wing attachments with integral electrical connections making for quick and simple rigging for flight. The build manual is included.This machine has been repaired following some damage and is ready for flight subject to check. Hence only £90




    120inch Algebra Glider. This old, but high performance machine features, rudder, elevator, ailerons and flaps. Servos, battery and a 35Mcs receiver are included ready to fly. £50



    Contact Roy Procter.


    01458 223215

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    30/5/16: Competition Report – Loops and Spot

    What a glorious day, wall to wall sunshine, rolling country side bursting with spring life, full size gliders being tugged to stratospheric height, most of the Phillips house hold all the way from Eastbourne and a north easterly breeze to keep us cool.

    What more could we have asked for?

    Whitesheet members, that’s What!

    I arrived at the top of the hill at 10.00 shortly to be joined by JP, Wendy and Olivia.

    We exchanged pleasantries, loaded ourselves up and headed for the slope. I’m sure the NE facing slope moves further away each year! We set up base just as our esteemed chairman Chris arrived and that was it? No one else arrived, not a sausage!

    Well, we had enough pilots, Trophies had been polished, points needed to be earned for the Tallis wining Vagabond, Vino needed handing out to the Victors and conditions were improving.

    Round 1

    JP was up first flying his Wildthing and in the slightly iffey lift conditions he went for the further out approach to start his loops. John completed 9 loops and landed 11 mtrs from the spot.

    Olivia was up next flying her Wildthing and obviously was going to follow Dads idea by flying safely away from the slope ( I think I need to go to spec savers). Olivia managed 1 loop and landed 10.5 mtrs from the spot.

    Chris, flying his ELF dlg gallantly forced his model through the by now increasing breeze to pull 13 loops and land 16 mtrs from the spot.

    Joe, Flying his trusty McMeekin Predator completed 16 loops and landed 1 mtr from the spot.

    Round 2

    JP Now went for the ‘lets try high approach’ with 14 loops and 1.5 mtrs from the spot.

    Olivia sticking to the (flying in the next county) approach upped her loops to 5 and landed 18.5 mtrs.

    Chris beat us all in this round with the most loops at 18 and landed at 5.5 mtrs (actually he landed a lot closer but the wind caught his little Elf and flipped over before we could measure it)

    Joe, managed to gain some great initial height before doing 17 loops and land at 2 mtrs.

    Round 3

    JP, Now going for the ‘ lets see how low we can go and still recover to the top’ popping in the most loops for the day at 19. Then worked way back up to land at 2 mtrs

    Olivia, Upped her loops to 8 and gracefully landed 3.5 mtrs from the spot.

    Chris having now switch models to his Mark Drela Allegro (broken fin on the ELF) pulled 8 loops and landed at 10.5 mtrs.

    Joe, trying the close in approach managed 15 loops despite landing at the bottom of one! And managed to land at 3 mtrs.

    So there you have it, a great day socially, fending off inquisitive cattle, fresh coffee with shortbread supplied and served by Chris and we all agreed that trying to identify the various light aircraft that passed by during the day must be Spitfires!

    Final results

    1. Joe Cubitt
    2. John Phillips
    3. Chris Lamming
    4. Olivia Phillips

    Most improved pilot of the day has to go to Olivia Phillips, Well done!

    Loops and Spot (the Whitesheet Members ;-))

    Loops and Spot (the Whitesheet Members ;-))

    And to top it all, we all left with a bottle of vino each.



    WSRFC comp sec

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    26/5/16: Fantastic day of scale flying again

    Last Sunday (May 22) saw the second of our club Scale Fly-ins in 2016.

    The event was very well attended by scale flyers from far and wide, many of whom were visitors to the club for the first time – wonderful to see.

    Despite a little interruption from the wet stuff, the sun broke out in the afternoon and a great day of thermal chasing was had by all.

    Thanks to Chris Williams for organising and running a very friendly and safe event and for providing the first-class photos below

    The next event is on Sunday July 3rd – why not come along and join in.

    Free tea and coffee to all from the club chairman’s trusty camp stove!

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    25/5/16: Prizes must be won for all loopy flyers!

    As a bonus, there will be prizes! I believe Joe is sorting bottles for the top places and if you are a member of Whitesheet, you can gain points towards the Tallis Trophy. The winner of the Tallis in 2016 will win a trophy AND a Hacker Vagabond, complete with a servo and battery kit. Let’s hope the weather is kind to us this time and comp goes ahead. cheers Chris WSRFC

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    25/5/16: Competition this Sunday! (May 29th)

    This coming Sunday we, The Whitesheet Radio Flying Club are running our Loops and Spot club competition. Simple Rules 1 model up at a time, 30 seconds to gain height, then as many loops as you can within 1 minute, then land as close to the designated spot as you can within 2 minutes. what could possibly go wrong. There is no limit as to what type of glider. Foamies, mouldies, crunchies and even Scale if you fancy a go. The comp is open to all Whitesheet members, however non members would be made most welcome. all you’ll need is proof of insurance. Meet on the hill at 10.00am for 11.00am start. As normal I’ll make a weather call on Saturday at noon Fingers crossed and look forward to seeing you all. Regards Joe WSRCF comp sec

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    This is a test post against the English Open Page

    f10Some relevant English Open F3f text…

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    First Scale Day of 2016

    Sunday, April 24th gave great conditions for the first Scale meet for 2016. Below is a few pictures from the event.

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    First competition – Nominated Manooooovers

    The first competition of the year, and the subject of the much lauded calendar-poster for 2016, was due to run on April 17. Due to the lightest of breezes, the competition did not run, but everyone had a jolly nice time flying sailplanes, drinking camping coffee and eating cake. Watch this space for when the next competition will be advertised and when the rescheduled nominated manoeuvres will take place.

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    The Popular Whitesheet Scale days are here again!

    The schedule for 2016 is set out below. Please access the Events Calendar for further details.
    First Date Reserve Date
    April 10th April 24th
    May 22nd June 5th
    July 3rd July 17th
    September 4th September 18th

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